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Dr. Holly Anne Hills BVM BVS BVMedSci

Cat Behavior
Cat Health


  • 5+ years of veterinary experience


  • University of Nottingham, England


  • After some time as a farm animal vet, Holly traveled to India and volunteered with dogs and other small animals there. She is passionate about the health of the planet’s non-human creatures and providing veterinary care to those most in need, she also spent some time in India where she volunteered as a small animal vet.
  • Holly now combines writing with working as a small animal vet, as well as volunteering with VetSustain’s communications and social media team.

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Hepper, LoveYourDog, VetHelpDirect


Holly loves anything to do with pet owner education and preventative healthcare. When not working or volunteering, she can be found outdoors bird watching, swimming, running and spending time with her pets!


Holly has several pets, including Bella the Bernese Mountain dog, as well as three cats – Benny, Momo and Rodney – who rule the roost!
“I love combining my creativity with my clinical knowledge to put together informative pieces. I am passionate about communicating with pet owners, and helping them access reliable sources of information outside their veterinary clinic.”

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