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Best 4 Pet Scale For Cats: Large & Small Breed Cats

by Kevin Lee October 27, 2023

Pet Scale For Cats

The act of weighing a cat doesn't simply tell you their physical weight but also unveils a glimpse into their personalities.

Cat owners need to weigh their cats and keep the numbers safe routinely. Should a pet scale show a significant weight change, a vet can look closer and ensure your kitty is okay. If something is wrong, he can make a plan to fix it.

But which scale to use?

That's what we wanted to find out. In this article, Apollo and I 'weighed' different pet scales against each other and found that the Beurer BY80 Pet Scale came out tops. We liked that it can be used in multiple ways and that its measurements are precise with its use of high-tech sensors. The Beurer is the ultimate pet-parent ally, merging precision, comfort, and advanced features in one chic scale.

We also tested the best scales for large – and small cat breeds and travel-friendly ones. Keep reading for a more detailed rundown of the best cat scales on the market today.

Best Overall:The Beurer BY80 Pet Scale

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What We Liked:

  • Keep track of weight gain or loss.
  • It can be used as an infant scale, puppy scale, cat scale
  • ‎2 AA batteries required. (included)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Weighs in lbs OR ounces, not lbs AND ounces

Is it a baby scale? A cat scale? A puppy scale? The Beurer BY80 Pet Scale is the ultimate three-in-one scale, ready to cater to kittens, pups, or even tiny humans.

Picture this: your kitty comfortably lounging on the curved platform as if it were tailor-made for his royal weighing experience.

And who would want to refrain from indulging in the Hold and Tare functions? With Hold, you can easily capture weight, while Tare considers pet accessories such as a cat collar or a favorite blanket.

This scale isn't just about fluff, though - it's packed with precision. With high-tech sensors, it accurately measures weights up to 44 lbs (16 kg), which means Maine Coons and puppy friends are welcome too. The scale is Bluetooth enabled, so you can track your cat's progress on your device without flicking a whisker.

My cat, Apollo, gives the Beurer two paws up! He especially enjoyed the curved platform, which was explicitly engineered for relaxation. No sharp edges here!

In a world where scales can be intimidating, the Beurer BY80 Pet Scale stands tall – or should we say, lies comfortably – offering accuracy, versatility, and modern charm. With this scale, your pets' weights are no longer a mystery but a source of insight.

Price at time of publishing:$ 37.99

Weight Limit: 44 Pounds | Readout Accuracy: 5.67 Grams | Extras: Backlit Display, Auto Shut Off

Best for Large Breed Cats: The Mekbok Baby Weighing Scale

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What We Liked:

  • The tray is 28 inches long for large-breed cats.
  • Batteries included

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The scale will tip or rock to one side unless the cat stays perfectly still in the middle.

The Mekbok weighing scale isabout tracking growth goals with diverse gauging modes.

With the push of a button, your cat's weight and height become a piece of cake (or should we say kibble?) to measure.

Apollo approved instantly. He lounged on the comfy tray like a king on a throne, probably appreciating the quick 3-second measurement – because who has time for prolonged pose sessions?

The Mekbok's supersized illuminated LCD screen turned weighing Apollo into a high-tech treat. His weight locked in like magic, ensuring I could read it even when he decided to sashay away mid-weigh.

And talk about versatility – this scale can handle even the most well-fed furballs, up to 100 kilograms (220lbs).

Mekbok knows pets aren't just pets; they're family. This scale blends high-tech wizardry and furry fun, perfect for pet enthusiasts who love our pet care routines. It's got all the features to track Apollo's progress and keep him purring at peak performance.

Price at time of publishing:$ 43.97

Weight Limit: 220 Pounds | Readout Accuracy: 10 Grams | Extras: Different 3 weight modes (pounds/kilograms/ounces), LCD

Best Portable: IBE Supply Cat Scale

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What We Liked:

  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use
  • 4 x AA batteries (included)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Scale is slippery on the floor

The IBE Supply Digital Portable Pet Scale is the ultimate travel companion for small to medium pets. Measuring 13 inches by 21.7 inches by 15 inches, it's more compact than a cat's nap spot.

Apollo, ever curious, inspected this scale with interest. He tried to tip the tray but found he couldn't. The smooth design of this cat scale kept him supported. The oversized LCD screen helped me read his weight without a feline-to-human translation.

This scale is more than just sleek. It is brilliant also. It handles up to 44 pounds of cat, and its accuracy within 0.022 pounds ensures even Apollo's tiniest triumphs won't go unnoticed. Plus, this scale is a battery-saving maestro with its auto power-off feature.

The IBE Supply Cat Scale can track weight gain or loss and measure food portions or medicine. Thanks to its lightweight design, it's like having a personal pet health assistant on hand – and in writing.

And did I mention the ease of storage? The scale is slim, lightweight, and undercover (under furniture.) In the grand scale of travel-friendly pet scales, the IBE Supply Cat Scale takes the lead.

Price at time of publishing:$ 49.98

Weight Limit: 44 Pounds | Readout Accuracy: 10 Grams | Extras: Auto power off

Best for Smaller Breeds and Kittens: The Mindpet-Med Digital Pet Scale

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What We Liked:

  • Easy to clean, easy to use
  • This is a food scale with an attachable tray. Cute design.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Scale is smaller and better suited for kittens up to 20 lbs.

Got a pint-sized little one that's your world?

Meet the Mindpet-Med Digital Pet Scale, the ultimate sidekick for a new kitten's health journey. Kittens and small breeds are wiggly, and this scale knows it. Its high-precision sensors can keep up with any antics, we promise! This scale was accurate to an impressive +/- 0.02 pounds. The scale is also a breeze to operate.

But that's not all, dear Watson. This scale is the ultimate shapeshifter, adapting to kittens, hamsters, and even pocket-sized lizards.

Sure, the scale is smaller than others we've inspected, and the price might make you stop purring. But when measuring tiny terrors, the Mindpet-Med Digital Pet Scale is the cat's meow.

Price at time of publishing:$ 28.99

Weight Limit: 33 Pounds | Readout Accuracy: 1 Grams | Extras: Weigh small animals with fantastic accuracy

Why should I measure my cat?

Do you love your cat? Regular weigh-in sessions can mean the difference between life and death. Why not catch a potential issue before it becomes a significant problem?

What do you do if your cat won't sit still on a pet scale?

Pet Scale For Cats

When first confronted with pet scales, my cat, Apollo, was skeptical and elegantly refused to acknowledge some of the scales' existence. Eventually, the weighing processes evolved into battles of wits. There were sudden acrobatics and some swift exits. Was it all an attempt to defy the inevitable truth that he, too, is subject to the laws of gravity?

Here is our straightforward tip (thank us later). Use a cat carrier. Here's how:

  • Start your scale.
  • Put on an empty cat carrier and tear it.
  • Place the cat in the carrier and weigh it.

Here's a better idea: put the cat scratching board on the scale, tare it and then put the cat on it so the cat doesn't move around.

If you like this product, please leave a comment in the comment section and we will do a review for you.

What To Look For In Pet Scale For Cats

There's much to consider when finding the ideal cat weighing scale. Don't worry. We've got you covered! Check out these critical points before you make your decision.

  1. Durability and capacity.If you are considering a cat scale, chances are that your goal is to use it often. (Otherwise, if it was just a once-off, you are better off asking your veterinarian to weigh your cat.) Therefore, your chosen scale should be solid and serve you longer. Hand in hand with durability comes capacity. The scale you select should be able to handle your cat's weight. Choose a scale too small, and your scale most probably won't be able to handle the pressure.
  2. Accuracy.Your scale should give a precise, stable reading. If not, why bother?
  3. Easy to use. Now, this is an important one. If you're new to cat scales, why choose the most complicated one? Your goal is to get a weight reading and get it fast. Go for simplicity, intuitive controls, and an easy-to-read display.
  4. Battery life and power options. A pet scale with long-lasting battery or rechargeable batteries is ideal. An auto-off function will save energy when your pet scale is unused.
  5. Easy to clean. A smooth surface on the pet scale will lend itself to wipe-and-go.

The following are a few nice-to-have features, but probably not essential for a cat:

  • An anti-skid surface (Apollo's weighing in was touch and go! He was never on a pet scale so long that he could skid somewhere. This feature would depend on your cat's personality.
  • Portability. Yes, if you're prone to weigh your cat while on holiday. If not, this feature is unnecessary, although most household pet scale models are small and easily transportable. (Lucky you!)
  • Multiple modes. For example, a scale can offer continuous weighing, a hold function, peak weight tracking, Bluetooth, or USB connectivity. Consider what to accomplish with your cat scale and choose your product accordingly.


Can I use a human scale to weigh my pet?

If you want to use a human scale, weigh yourself first, pick up your pet, and then weigh the two of you again. The difference is your cat's weight. However, this is not very practical, and the reading might not be as accurate as when you use a specifically designed pet scale.

Can I only weigh cats and dogs on a pet scale?

Pet scales are designed for 'normal' household pets, but why not try and weigh your pet iguana? It may be fun.

Should I weigh my pet once a week?

How regularly you want to weigh your pet will depend on your goal. A regular weigh-in might be advisable if you want to keep an eye on Kitty's weight loss (or gain).

What if my pet is scared of the pet scale?

Apollo was initially not super excited when I introduced him to the pet scales we tested. I sneaked in a few treats to create a positive association.

Are cat-weighing scales accurate?

All the scales we've tested proved reliable. If you choose a reputable brand, you won't have a problem.

Are vet scales more accurate than at-home scales?

Yes, vet scales are generally more exact than at-home scales. This is because veterinary scales are calibrated for precision and regularly maintained. However, home scales serve a different function than vet scales. It is for an individual cat and can be valuable in measuring your cat's health journey.


Owning a suitable home pet scale is vital for accurate cat weight monitoring. Apollo is a huge part of my life, and I was impressed with the spot-on readings on the scales we've tested. It will be hard to miss a vital health issue with regular weigh-in sessions.

For the most part, Apollo loved the spacious platforms of the scales. (You might opt for a battery-powered model if you and your pet are regularly on the go.)

Apollo and I liked the Beurer BY80 Pet Scale, but depending on your need, you might like the Mekbok scale or the Mindpet-Med Digital Pet Scale best.These two scales cater respectively for larger- and smaller cat breeds.

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