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Cat talking buttons are a fun new trend that brings you closer to your kitty than ever before.

To find the best ways to communicate with your cat, I tested some of the best cat talking buttons out there, trying out their different features so you can make an informed choice when you buy.

I looked at durability, the colors of the cat talking button, size, and more to find the highest quality cat talking buttons.

For example, my number one overall choice was the FluentPet Get Started Kit of cat talking buttons. I loved this one because it gives you a complete set to hit the ground running with training your cat to talk with cat buttons. This one covers a wide variety of needs, whereas others are best for more specific cases.

Keep reading to check out the features, and benefits of these that make training with and using the controls easier.

Best Overall: FluentPet 6Pcs Cat Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Easy press buttons
  • Paired with the fun textile design
  • Came with easy-to-follow instructions

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Prices are a bit higher than others

With 6 buttons, 3 HexTiles, and 49 labeling stickers, this is the perfect choice for people just starting to train their cats to communicate using buttons.

Easy-press buttons are designed for little paws and light bodies. When paired with the fun textile design that can be customized to different shapes with a jigsaw puzzle locking feature, it makes for a fun and easy communication experience.

This getting started kit has a guide to help you get off the right paw. I found this super helpful for training my cat, Toothless because I was brand new and didn’t know what to do. It came with easy-to-follow instructions that helped me best set up the buttons and mats.

FluentPet Cat Talking Buttons Tested by Nicole

Nicole, a cat owner, reviews FluentPet cat talking buttons for Happy Cats Home. The buttons come with a quick start guide and instructions on training your cat to use them.

She demonstrates how to record a word on a button: “outside.” The buttons have anti-slip bottoms and can be customized with stickers. Nicole places a button by the door and teaches her cat to press it to signal she wants to go outside.

Price at time of publishing: $ 79.95

Button Size: 1.9in (48mm) x 1.1in (27.9mm) | Recordable:  Yes | Extras: Free, downloadable starter guide, button stickers, and HexTile foam mats 

Best Starter Kit: Artist Unknown 4Pcs Cat Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Cheap price
  • Buttons are a little big

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Batteries not included
  • Mat not included

Best for large cats and owners looking for a cheap option.

The four distinctly colored buttons make it easy for your cat to tell the difference between them. This makes training easier and helps them pick it up faster.

These buttons come without a mat, so they’ve been known to slide around a lot. My cat had difficulty pushing them enough to set them off because they were so big.

Price at time of publishing: $ 18.86

Button Size: 3.45in(87.6mm) | Recordable: Yes

Best Budget: HEROES 1Pc Cat Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Cheap price

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some sound quality is not clear
  • Mat not included

Best for people looking for a single button for easy commands.

Since the recording feature is on the back of the button, sometimes overenthusiastic cats can accidentally record a previous message. This button has a locking feature to prevent accidental recording over the first sound you recorded.

This is a single button, unlike others on this list. It looks like a big red emergency button you’d see in a cartoon, making for an easy target to train your cat on. My cat Toothless was drawn to it immediately and loved to hit it.

HEROES Cat Talking Buttons Tested by Nicole

Nicole, a cat owner, reviews HEROES cat talking buttons for Happy Cats Home. The button is described as being a good size and color for the cat to notice. It comes with batteries and has anti-slip features to keep it in place.

Nicole explains the simple process of recording a message on the button and plays the recorded message. She emphasizes the good sound quality and recommends it for training not only cats but also other animals.

Price at time of publishing: $ 12.99

Button Size: 3.5in(88.9mm) | Recordable: Yes

Best Bell: FRQNTKPA 8Pcs Cat Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Quality and Durability
  • Recordings are loud and clear
  • Easy to push

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Batteries not included
  • Mat not included

The 30-second record and playback lets you record full phrases instead of just a single word. So instead of “Walk,” you can record, “Let’s go for a walk,” to stay more in line with any previous training you’ve undergone.

The playback is nice and loud, which can be useful for helping your cat get your attention. It might be a little too much for cats and owners with sensitive ears.

Price at time of publishing: $ 31.96

Button Size: 3.45in(87.6mm) | Recordable:  Yes

OFVENS 4Pcs Cat Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Easy enough to press down

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The sound is so quiet
  • Batteries not included

Best for those looking for an affordable option to ease them into using buttons.

Different colors. These pastel versions will definitely stand out among the other button colors you might get from other packs, making them a great addition to the buttons you already have.

The buttons are a little on the bigger and tenser side. Small and light might struggle to push these buttons.

OFVENS Cat Talking Buttons Tested by Nicole

Nicole, a cat owner, reviews OFVENS cat talking buttons for Happy Cats Home. The product includes four colorful, high-quality buttons designed for pet training.

Nicole intends to use these buttons to train her cat to communicate various needs, such as going outside or receiving treats. The buttons have anti-slip features and excellent sound quality. She demonstrates using the pink button to teach her cat to request to go outside successfully.

Price at time of publishing: $ 17.98

Button Size: 3.5in(88.9mm) | Recordable: Yes

Chumia 12Pcs Cat Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Buttons are loud and clear
  • Various bright colors

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come with mats
  • Batteries not included

These buttons are loud and clear once you’ve done the recording. The commands come through nice and clear when your cat hits the button. They also come in various bright colors to make differentiating between buttons easier.

This set doesn’t come with mats, so you’ll need to find a good way to place the buttons so your cat doesn’t start playing street hockey with it. My cat loves to knock and slide things around, so this was a struggle for me. 

Price at time of publishing: $ 39.99

Button Size: 3.54in (89.9mm) x 1.1in (26.9mm) | Recordable: Yes | Extras: Available in 11 colors, high-quality ABS plastic

Acools 4Pcs Pet Talking Buttons

What We Liked:

  • Pre-labeling stickers
  • Comes with a great mat
  • The sound quality is great! 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The mat isn’t very large, so the buttons get crowded together.
  • Batteries not included

Best for people starts off with cat talking buttons. This set is fairly durable and affordable enough to give you a taste of whether your cat will respond to the training without diving all the way in.

Pre-labeling stickers. If you’re looking for something that gives you an idea of what commands to include, these include stickers so that you can record the command on the button and add a sticker so you can remember what each button says.

It comes with a great mat that keeps the button stationary, but the mat isn’t very large, so the buttons get crowded together.

Price at time of publishing: $ 17.99

Button Size: 3.1in (78.7mm) | Recordable: Yes | Extras: 24 scene stickers

What to Look for in Cat Talking Buttons

Light Pressing

Cats are known for being light on their feet, so cat talking buttons need to have a light touch and be responsive to little taps.

Bigger Spaces Between Buttons

Keeping the buttons more spaced out keeps your cat from hitting them accidentally and confusing everyone.

Quality and Durability

Cats can play rough with your belongings, and buttons designed for them are no different. I looked at cat talking buttons that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Different Colors

Signs don’t work with cats, so giving them an easy way to tell between different buttons with bright colors will make using them easier.

Pet Sized

From the smallest munchkin cats to the panther-size Maine Coon, there are many different sizes of cats. Find cat talking buttons that are the right size for your cat breed.

How We Tested Cat Talking Buttons

#1 Research The Category

Dawson researched this category, and the main point is that this kind of product is easy to confuse with the dogs, so we deliberately chose the unique characteristics of the cat to consider: smaller size, lighter force, and button spacing.

#2 Review The Product

Then Alan did a product review, searching for products with a user rating of 4 or more, combined with product sales. He was concerned that many users wondered whether the button’s sound was clear, the volume, and whether it was durable.

#3 Receive The Product & Put It To The Test

Finally, Nicole, a cat owner, testing cat talking buttons for Happy Cats Home.

Our testing and review policy are at this link

How Do Cat Talking Buttons Work?

Cat talking buttons give your cat a way to communicate with you. Each button has a recorded word or phrase, and by teaching our cat to associate a need or behavior with the sound, we can help them communicate. You can usually train them by giving them treats when they do your desired behavior.

How to Teach a Cat to Use Cat Talking Buttons

The most important thing to know about teaching cats to use cat talking buttons is that you want to model the right behavior. Show them what you want to help them understand. The cat will associate the button with your reaction more than the label or the sound, so make sure your response positively encourages them to do what you want.

The steps to teach a cat to use cat talking buttons include:

  • Choose the words you’ll teach your cat
  • Show them how to use the cat talking buttons
  • Be persistent and patient

Can Cats Master Cat Talking Buttons?

Will My Cat Use Cat Talking Buttons? What If My Cat Isn’t Interested?

Not all cats want to use cat talking buttons. Most cat owners (and even people who don’t have cats) can tell millions of stories about how contrary cats can be, steadfastly refusing to follow directions.

This could be because (unlike dogs, who see humans as their leaders) cats see humans as their equals, like a friend or family member. They’re less likely to submit to a friend than a leader.

However, that doesn’t mean using cat talking buttons is hopeless. It all comes down to motivation and modeling. Food and treats are great ways to motivate any animal (humans included), making them interested in any behavior.

Modeling can work well with cats when you use it over a consistent period. Think of it like your friends. The more often you do something, the more likely your friends are to do the same thing.

What if My Cat Sits and Doesn’t Press the Button Hard Enough

Cats that want to paw lightly at cat talking buttons must be encouraged to move forward and put more weight on the button. Motion them with your hand, getting them to scooch up nicely and close. Remember to model the correct behavior to your cat.

What Words Should I Teach My Cat First

The first words you should “teach” your cat to recognize on cat talking buttons are the words they already hear and like the most. Words like outside, food, train, hunger, or play might fit well. These are words they already have some recognition of, making it easier to pick up.


Do Cat Talking Buttons Work?

They absolutely can, for the right cats, and with the proper training and persistence. Cats can be smart and headstrong creatures that only do what they want to do when they want to, so talking to them with buttons might require you to outlast them with stubbornness.

How Long Does it Take Cats to Learn Cat Talking Buttons?

Results vary as much as cats’ cute little faces, but it generally takes two to four weeks. Consistent training is the key for each new button, taking time each day to work on the new skills.


Of all the cat talking buttons I’ve reviewed, my favorite (and the favorite of many other pet owners) was the FluentPet Get Started Kit. This gives you the ultimate starting point for training your cat to use cat talking buttons, with a wide variety of easy-to-push and colorful buttons and a brochure on how to get started.

If you want to buy any of these great cat talking buttons, click the links in each paragraph to go straight to their Amazon page. Visit my website for more great advice on having a happy, healthy cat.

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